UMS Skeldar offers UAV leasing first

In the commercial air transport business, companies have been leasing aircraft for many years but when it comes to unmanned, it hasn’t been done before – at least, not until now.

UMS Skeldar recently joined forces with JetLease, the world’s largest private aircraft leasing company, to launch the first global leasing product for its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) portfolio, including flagship unmanned helicopter, SKELDAR V-200 UAV.

UMS Skeldar’s David Willems says, “We want to offer leasing services to our users…for the first time in history, we believe.”

The offering could benefit a range of players, including government agencies and blue forces who don’t have the budget to buy outright or those who wish to trial the product before buying.

Willems says: “Undoubtedly we will have to ramp up the production facility as a consequence of the leasing product that we are now offering.”

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